Two Color Photography had a fantastic year in 2016.  A lot of the year was continuing to do what I like to do; photograph your babies and families.  Last year I snuggled 85 newborns and 97 older babies.  86 families also trusted me with their important family portraits.  I also photographed missionaries, baptisms, seniors, maternities, birth stories and business headshots.  My grand total for 2016 came to 281 sessions.

Seeing the number 281 gives me a tired smile!  Because 2016 also brought some personal joys and challenges.  In 2016 the Rust family bought 4 cars for 2 teenagers.  Teenagers go through cars faster than underwear!  My oldest son has high functioning autism and 2016 brought me to weekly group therapy meetings every Wednesday with a great group of ASD kids.  I decided to take every Wednesday off from booking sessions to support my son.  We also found ourselves with some great personal challenges prompting us to seek guardianship of our 20 year old son.  June of 2016 I was asked to serve as a youth leader in our church.  I then took every Tuesday off from booking sessions.

2016 also brought me to Paris and Stockholm and Queretaro as well as Georgia and Disneyland.  I found a new love in traveling with my husband! We also spent 2 weeks camping with the youth and 2 weeks camping with family.

So when I see the number 281 sessions I realize that I crammed a lot of sessions into a few days.

Because of these numbers, I began to feel very overwhelmed.  I knew at this rate I eventually would fail at something.  I refuse to fail at being a mom and wife.  Failing at being a youth leader is also not an option.  Personal hygiene should probably remain pretty high on my list and I’m a firm believer in the benefits of sleeping and running.

I am also not willing to give up my absolute love of newborn photography.  Giving up family photography made me feel like I was giving up on my own family.

2016 brought me a ray of hope!  33 photographers applied for the position of associate photographer.  The very hardest thing I did all year was narrow that 33 down to 5.  Tears were shed because some of these photographers have been friends of mine.  I finally did it!  I hired 5 photographers to ease my load.  Giving them the opportunity to photograph my children, baptisms, missionaries and families gave me such a weight off of my shoulders.

This brought a challenge that I didn’t forsee.  A challenge that humbled me and made me fall in love with what I do all over.  My clients struggled with the fact that another photographer was going to be entrusted with their memories.  You wonderful clients wanted me.  What a humbling, touching challenge.  I thank you all for how much you love me.

Helping you to love my team as much as you have loyally loved me will take time and I understand that.  I hope that you can give them a chance so that I can continue to be the mom I need to be as well as the photographer that I want to be.

A change you will notice in 2017 when you email or message me to book a session, my office assistant Anndee will be answering your message.  She has been trained in all the things!  Anndee knows my schedule as well as the schedule of my creative team because she earned a spot on that team!  She will find the perfect photographer for you.

Every single one of my photographers was hand picked out of more than 2 dozen photographers.  Their style so closely matches mine that after I edit them in my style, you can’t tell the difference between my photos and theirs.  I challenge you to try.  We all went together to photograph the Richins’ Family.  Our photos are all mixed together in this post.  If you can pick out which ones are mine I will give you $25 off of a session!

I hired them to ease my load while still giving you the quality that I know you find important.  I guarantee that you will love their work, their personalities and abilities to work with families and children. If you don’t love them as much as I do, I will re-shoot your session for free!

I hired them so that I could keep you in my photography family.  That makes me a little bit selfish. I’ve met so many amazing people along this journey that I just physically can’t personally photograph each of you.

This is not saying that I will never photograph another family again!  I am still available for all sessions on Thursdays, Fridays and some Saturdays.  If you still want me, you can still have me!  Just tell Anndee that you’d like Amber to photograph your family, and she’ll get you all set up!  🙂

Our Christmas Card Palooza served almost 40 families!  What a big hit! The plans for a Blossom Palooza have already hit the drawing board!  Anndee will send out emails with details soon!  You can also follow us on facebook for more information!

Let me close this post by thanking you.  I am truly so honored.  One of my biggest joys in life is seeing your families come back year after year and watching your babies turn into toddlers and your kids turn into young adults.  I have been in business long enough to be photographing newborns of moms who I photographed as pre-teens.  Watch for the launch of a program to thank those of you who have been with me since the early days!

Here’s to a wonderful 2017 full of cheesy smiles and sleeping babies!