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I’m so excited for our first guest post Jess Chapman with Delightful Designs!  Jess is married to her long time sweetheart Travis and they have an adorable little girl Abby I met Jess a couple of years ago when I photographed her darling family.  We became fast friends!  I kept photographing this amazing little family, and had the blessing of being her wedding photographer last year.  There are just some people you mesh with right from the beginning and Jess is one of those people!  She also happens to be a great wedding planner.  You can find her website at Delightful Designs and her Facebook page as well as finding her on Wedding Wire.

At the risk of being long winded, I present to you, Jess Chapman with Delightful Designs:

For my wedding day, I did everything, and I mean EVERYTHING myself. The few wedding planners I requested information from, wanted to charge an outrageous price for not much work. So, I dove in and took everything on, after all, I AM a wedding/event planner. My wedding day was a disaster, and not in that “ha-ha-we forgot-one-thing-and–it-will-still-be-great” kind of way either!  No one showed up when they were supposed to, they didn’t walk in the correct order, the music was a mess, and my photographer had to help me into my dress; all because on “my day” of pampering and joy, I was trying to also coordinate everything by myself, instead of just enjoying the day and taking it all in.
Now that I have planned several weddings, including my own, I would highly suggest to anyone, that they get in touch with a wedding planner. It takes so much stress off of the couple. 
Each wedding planner has their own set of “wedding packages” to chose from, and some are paid by the hour. Make sure you do some research, because we all charge differently, and we all offer different services. The main thing to look for when you are looking at wedding packages and pricing is what fits best with your desires for your day? Do you want a planner that you are in touch with constantly, and they help you make every decision, or are you looking for someone to just make the day run smoothly and take care of any problems without you even having the knowledge that there was an issue, or maybe you want someone that’s in between? It’s all up to you and what you want.
Your day should be what you want. A wedding planner’s job is to make sure that everything you worked so hard to plan, for so long, turns out the way you want it to. You shouldn’t have to deal with problems on your wedding day. If the cake comes in and it’s smashed, you shouldn’t even know about it. The wedding planner should take care of it. After the festivities are over, then they should tell you, because then, it won’t be stressful and you won’t worry.
There are many great wedding planners out there, but you certainly need to find one that is appropriate for your type of wedding, your budget, and one whose personality meshes well with yours.
If you are an absolute type-A personality that needs to be in charge at all times, then you need someone who will keep you informed, and won’t make any big decisions without your consent. If you are a super relaxed and mellow personality, you are going to need a planner that can help you to make decisions, and if necessary, make a few on your behalf. Either way, you need to be happy with the person you chose, because you will be working with them on the biggest day of your life, and that means you will be spending quite a bit of time together.
Here are some tips for finding the right wedding planner for you:
1. Make sure that you wedding planner is licensed. They need to have a business license and pay taxes to be legally working for you.
2. Ask them how they will be dressing for your event.
3. Make sure any potential wedding planners are interested in what you want for your day. Show them pictures, drawings, magazines, anything to convey your ideas for your day to them.
4. Ask if they have pictures from previous weddings they have done. This one is tricky. Some brides don’t want pictures of their wedding being shown to strangers and some photographers, due to a contract with the bride and groom will not give wedding planners copies of any pictures. Just ask, some planners do have pictures, and even if they don’t, after speaking with you they should have some great ideas for you. Ask them what they see for your wedding.
After you have found the right planner for you:
1. Always make sure you sign a contract, and read the entire thing through. If you have questions, ask before you sign. There is typically some sort of deposit required. Make sure that the deposit is listed in the contract, and ask for a copy of the contract. There are times when a contract needs to be changed for some reason, make sure you get a copy of the new contract.
2. Please let your wedding planner know about your family dynamics. Does Aunt Bess nag at your mother, or Uncle Bill interrupt speeches? These are situations where your wedding planner can calmly diffuse the problem before you, or any guest, knows that there is a problem.
This is supposed to be the best day of your life, so you should enjoy it, not stress about it. That’s why a wedding planner is essential. You don’t want to look back and not remember the day because you were too busy talking with the caterer making sure the food is what you ordered, talking to the photographer making sure they get the right shots, or standing over the D.J. to make sure he’s playing the music you requested. By finding the right wedding planner for you, you will get to enjoy your day and reflect back on your day with happiness and laughter. 

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