Warning: This post has nothing to do with photography!


I talk a lot about photography, but photography isn’t the only thing that makes me tick. The day I found this cute little meme on Pinterest, I chuckled to myself.  I thought “That is SOOO me”, so that very moment I made a new board called “This is SO me!” and kind of forgot about it.

Until today.  Today I plugged my phone into my car and blasted “I’m Ready” by AJR as loud as my ears could stand.  I had just had a frustrating phone call with a lovely lady at the State Tax Commission, and needed some good bass sounds to calm my head.  “We Are Young” by Fun came on and I found my finger tapping on the steering wheel.  I bumped the volume up a little bit more.

By the time I got to my destination at the Imaging Depot in Layton I felt like I could conquer the world again.  As often happens in this world of ours, within 5 minutes of entering the store, I had more disappointment and more frustration.  I finished up the task at hand and sat in the drivers seat of my car, and that meme came to my mind.  “Never underestimate the therapeutic power of driving and listening to very loud music”.  Good thing I drive a car that I LOVE, I had a lot of music on my phone, no kids in my car, and a long way to drive.  “Children” By Feat and “Kryptonite” by 3 Doors Down, skip over those Whitney Houston songs I hurriedly bought the day she committed suicide, today I need loud and full of bass. Today was not a day for my favorite Michael Buble either.  Today was all about getting in the car and feeling each and every drum beat.

It’s now 9:00 at night, the kids are all “in bed” – I can still hear a few errant children giggling up stairs – and I can reflect on my day with a lot less anger and emotion.  I survived the day.  All the challenges that arose are taken care of, and I didn’t even have to:

Now where is my “Home” by Michael Buble 🙂


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