Utah Newborn Photographer – Project 365 – Newborn #25

Utah Newborn Photographer

I have so many little newborn photography crushes. My first ever was Kelly Brown  Little Pieces Photography.  I have watched a few of her workshops, and she is amazing with babies.  Absolutely amazing.  Plus her accent so soothing.

One of my vendors sends a beautiful little business card with each of their orders.  This is where I met my next newborn photography crushes.  Her work is showcased on so many of those beautiful business cards.  Caralee Case Photography.  Her colors are fantastic and her lighting is so yummy and delicious!

A few of my other faves that you have to check out:
Dewdrops Photography
Shannon Leigh Studios
Sleepy Owl Studios
Nicole Smith Photography

I sit and look at the images on these amazing websites and study everything from the way the baby’s fingers are posed to how they light is affecting each image.  I am truly moved by their work.

So what brought this post on? This is just kinda how my mind works.  Like the dog on the movie “Up” who is oh so easily and lovably distracted.  “Squirrel”!  That’s how my mind works.

I think, I should go get ready for that newborn session in the morning … “Squirrel” …. oh, isn’t that image by Kelly Brown just so soft and gorgeous …. “Squirrel” …  I better get some more of those wrap colors I’ve been falling in love with…. “Squirrel”…. did I send out that print order….. etc. etc. etc.

The only time I feel 100% focused and in the zone is when I am photographing a newborn.  My mind is in sync with each step of that session.  There are no distractions, and my mind is so at peace.  Maybe that is why newborn photography is my favorite genre of photography.  (Family photography as my second favorite, because I think that’s how all mom brains work.  So I feel right at home in the crazy love of a family session)…. “Squirrel”!

So, all this thinking about my favorite newborn photographers and how far I’ve come in my own journey made me wonder what MY favorite newborn image that I’ve ever shot would be.  I thought it might take me a long time to narrow it down.  Then it just hit me.  There is this little man who is 4 1/2 years old, and he is one of my very best friends.  I did his newborn pictures after being home from the hospital for only 2 days.  My tiny little man Max!!

This is my very favorite newborn image that I’ve ever shot, and HE is newborn #25 in my project 365!

He is the most adorable little dude you will ever meet, and it hurts my heart to think he’s my last, but then “Squirrel”  I’m so glad I’m done with diapers and sleepless nights.  I’ve slept through the night now for…. about 4 years.  It’s fantastic! 🙂

“Squirrel” I honestly just hit post on this before I was done.  That sentence looked like a good ending point and so my brain when sleep, yes, let’s sleep.  Oye!

Disclaimer on the next picture… this little man is NOT for sale.  He is all mine!

He is my last little buddy at home, and there are days my desk is full of little legos and I remind myself to take time for a little tickle date with him!  Isn’t he the sweetest little face you have ever seen??!!

Don’t get me wrong, I love all 5 of my kids.  I think that with your last child, you just cling to every thing about them because you know it’s the last time you’ll get the chance to have a first Christmas or a first bicycle ride.  I ache thinking he’s growing up.  “Squirrel”…. where are those dang tissues.

Just to prove that I do love my entire family….

Aren’t we adorable?!!   Abby is my favorite because she is my “mini-me”.  Stephanie is my favorite because she is my rock.  Marshall is my favorite because he knows…. he always knows when I need a little extra TLC.  He is my angel baby.  Ben is my favorite because we have gone through a lot of learning together.  He is always positive and always looks on the bright side.  Thomas is my favorite because 19 years ago he took me and my ADD brain and loved me with all that he was and is and together we have created this crazy family!  “Squirrel” …. dad sounds like he needs help with Max’s haircut!

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