The {M} Family!

This was my first time doing a photo shoot in an actual wheat field! I’ve done pictures in fields of weeds that resemble wheat, but never in a wheat field! I learned alot during this session. #1 you can pop open the little things dangling from the wheat and chew on them, and spit them out when your tired of chewing on them! I learned that if you drive a non-diesel engine through a wheat field, it could spark a fire in dry wheat. I also learned that this was such a friendly, kind and warm family. They were such a pleasure to take pictures of!

Thanks {M} family!

family pics 026a

family pics 001a

family pics 063a

family pics 078a

family pics 023a

family pics 038a

family pics 043a

family pics 055a

family pics 060a

family pics 046a

family pics 052a

family pics 017a

family pics 033a

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