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Hello everybody! 
My name is Lexi Barlow, and I am a Senior at Box Elder High School. This year I wanted to get serious about choosing a future career, so I decided to apply for an internship at Two Color Photography with Amber Rust. Thank goodness I have done this internship! It has opened my eyes so much. I can now see how much work is put into each of a photographer’s pictures. 
Photography has always been a passion of mine, especially wedding photography. One big thing that I would love to incorporate in my photography is a major focus on the emotions. When this couple looks at these pictures years from now, you are going to want to have captured every emotion for them, so they can feel the same things they felt on their special day. This picture is beautiful isn’t it?? You can see how much love he has for her, and how fun and spunky their relationship is! 

Look at this bride to be! From her gorgeous hair, to her elegant dress, and beautifully unique bouquet, she looks absolutely amazing. The thing about this picture that really makes me want to become specifically a wedding photographer, is the beautiful smile she wears on her face. She looks absolutely ecstatic, and this picture shows every beautiful detail about her emotions towards her wedding day, and her personality is jumping out of the photo!
Weddings and romance go hand in hand! This picture is adorable! I love how they are pulling each other closer, and gently meeting in the middle with a sweet nose touch. The love they have for each other is just oozing off of this photo. I LOVE IT!
In weddings you get those sweet kisses in front of the family! This is such a sweet photo of the happy couple giggling/kissing while the family celebrates their marriage. You can see how truly happy they are, and how much the family and happy couple loves each other. These are the funny and candid moments that put a smile on my face!
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