The {D} Wedding!::Northern Utah Wedding Photographer

Hello again! Lexi here, and I am going to talk about the following photos from The {D} Wedding!

When the couple has had their fifth, fifteenth, or fiftieth wedding anniversary you want them to be able to look back on every detail of their wedding day. As a wedding photographer, your job is to capture all of the little things, so when the couple looks at your photos, they will be glad that they hired you! This photo is gorgeous! The simplicity is very elegant, and has the tablecloth including the colors that the couple picked out!

As a wedding photographer, you are taking photos of:
  • the bride and groom getting ready
  • the wedding
  • family pictures
  • the reception
  • (possibly more, depending on who you are working for!)
With weddings, there is much chaos! Family, friends, extended family, grandma and grandpa, are coming and going- You are expected to take pictures of everyone! Amber took this photo of this adorable little troublemaker during the wedding reception. The happy couple is going to look back and remember when this little guy was still little years from now! So cute!

This picture is beautiful! Not only is the mother of the bride and the bride to be stunning, but the emotions that are being felt are showing in this picture. This young girl is getting married! This picture illustrates the joy they are feeling, and you can see how much this day means to both of them in this picture. This is definitely one of my favorite poses for the mother of the bride and the bride to be! They are both holding each others left hand, looking down at their wedding rings. I love it!
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