Sadie hawkins dance

Sadie Hawkins Dance :: Associate Photographer Mandi

Sadie Hawkins Dance was always my favorite dance when I was in High School.  My personality fits more with a comfy sweater and jeans than it does with a formal gown.  So, each year when the girls get to ask a guy to a dance and then buy matching shirts I would get excited to ask a guy.

If I were being brave, I’d pull out the scrapbooks and post a photo from my own Sadie Hawkins Dance.  We could get a good chuckle about how hair styles had changed.  We could laugh about how high the bangs were.  Where did I put that scrapbook?

This year’s Sadie Hawkins Dance was held on a day when I already had booked a family session.  I also had promised my daughter that I would do dance pictures for her group, so when Kayla messaged me asking for dance pictures, I called on my good friend and Associate Photographer Mandi Thornton to take the session.

associate photographer

She did such a great job on these pictures!  We both reminisced about old movie stars while I edited the pictures.  I’ll let you guess which one of these kids we thought looked a little like Lou Diamond Phillips.


Sadie hawkins Sadie hawkins Sadie hawkins Sadie hawkins Sadie hawkins Sadie hawkins

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