On the 3rd day of Changes your fabulous photographer gave to you….

One of my post holiday pet peeves is when the radio cuts you off from Christmas music cold turkey.  I just need to be weaned gradually, maybe one Christmas song to every 3 regular songs for awhile!

Hence the title of my post …. You’re welcome!

Placement of random photo in honor of one of my favorite families giving birth to their first son today!  Congrats you guys!!

Before we get down to business here, can I just say I’m pooped!  Today was a day of working out, taking down Christmas all the way – except I just found about 3 random decorations that will have to sit on my counter until June before I finally get them put all the way away – deep cleaning and de-junking toy boxes and play rooms, baking almost unrecognizable Lego cakes for my son’s 10th birthday party, setting up the studio for a late afternoon session with two of my favorite little clients, making home made pizza and feeding a frenzy of birthday party guests as well as my own little crew, driving like a mad-woman (in the most safe, cautious and law-abiding way) to the store to buy the forgotten ice cream for the previously mentioned cakes, and finally crashing out on the couch fighting to keep my tired eyes open!  I think I would feel very accomplished if I weren’t too tired to care!
So, now that my little rant is over, I introduce you to Day 3!
New Year – New Me #3
10% Early Bird Discount on all galleries!
After we have a blast at your session, I will lovingly edit your images and place them in a password protected gallery (that’s not the new part).  I will then email you a link to your gallery along with your login information and a coupon code good for 10% off your entire order for ONE WEEK ONLY – sorry for yelling, that’s just the really important part!  This is valid for ANY order placed within that week, NO limits!  If grandma in Florida places an order within the week she receives 10% off her entire order!  
Order must be placed within ONE week of date email is sent to you
Not redeemable for cash

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