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Stunning Family Photo Session in Northern Utah

As a family photographer, every time I get in the car I begin scouting for new locations.  I’ll take the long way to the grocery store in hopes of finding a hidden treasure along the way.

My husband teases me because we can be on vacation hundreds of miles away from home and I’m still searching!  I know I’ll never get to photograph an old barn in Oregon, but just in case, I know where a nice one is!

Last fall I had a close friend and client tell me the words I love to hear.  She said “I found a new location and it is amazing.  Can we go there for our next family session?”  Oh Josie, you had me at “I found a new location”!

When we went to that location, it was everything I could ever hope for.  I promised Josie Beth to keep this location close to my heart and not let it get over used.  I’ve only photographed there 2 times since that original session.  Each time it has provided amazing results!

Family Photographer

The Hall family had seen some of my images from that amazing session and asked if we could go there for their next session.  The Hall’s have a special place in my heart (I find myself saying that about all of my clients).  We have quite a few things in common and end up talking for a while after our sessions, and they always end in a hug.  This makes them qualified for one of my special locations!

Family Photographer

During our family session, the skies put on quite a show.  The Halls also put on quite a show!  The entire session was full of laughing and jumping and crazy posing.

The Hall family was blessed to not only be beautiful people, but they also have hearts of gold.   I am so glad to have met them!

Family Photographer Family Photographer Family Photographer Family Photographer Family Photographer Family Photographer Family Photographer

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