This past weekend Two Color Photography took our Newborn Photography Workshop on the road to my hometown of Vernal, Utah.  The Suburban was loaded to the very top with fabrics, wraps, headbands, hats, computers, cameras, EVERYTHING possibly needed (plus some) for an incredible workshop at the yummy, dreamy, gorgeous studio of Morgan & Alison Photography!

That drive…. oh that loooooong drive (made even longer when taken at 10:00 at night all by your lonesome) was accompanied by loud music, comedy Pandora stations, and a bag of carrots (cheat day isn’t until Saturday).  It wasn’t until the drive home in the daylight that I realized just how beautiful that drive truly is.

(Not bad picture quality coming from my Galaxy Gear watch!!)

Vernal Newborn Workshop

I had the honor to meet some amazing photographers!  We talked, we ate, we laughed, we played with babies.  Minimal poop, minimal pee!  It was a great workshop!

Go check out their work! 🙂

April Gailey with April Gailey Photography
Stephanie Davies with SD Stephanie Davies Photography
Chelsie Jones with Chelsie Jones Photography
Lindsey Hoki with Truly Lindsey Photography
Sara Postma with Sara Postma Photography
and of course the lovely Alison and Morgan who not only attended, but hosted us!  Go check them out too!  Morgan + Alison Photography

Newborn Photography Workshop

We snuggled some BEAUTIFUL little babies!  Even an older baby that slept as soundly as a brand new newborn!  I think only one little sweetheart had it in for me with some poop on my shirt, but hey, that’s part of the job! 🙂

Newborn Photography
Newborn Photography

Such a great weekend!  Mexican food with my parents, sister and niece and nephew.  BYU football game with friends and family.  Sleeping in Sunday morning until my body was ready to wake up.

A little wave to Dinah and back home to my husband and kids who made me a fabulous brunch and let me have a 2 hour nap!  All of this equals a happy life!!

Vernal Newborn Workshop

If you’re interested in bringing a Two Color Photography newborn workshop to your studio in 2016, contact me for more details!