Mastering the Beanbag and Beyond – Utah Newborn Photographer

Mastering the Beanbag and Beyond – A Workshop by Amber Rust
Utah Newborn Photographer

What will be covered

Setting up the studio.  From beanbag to backdrops, I’ll cover the importance of setting up your studio so that each session will flow smoothly.

Meeting the clients.  We’ll talk about how to make sure mom is fully informed on what to expect during the session. 

Lighting your subjects.  We’ll spend some time covering how to achieve nice soft lighting on the baby.

Posing and soothing the baby.  It wouldn’t be a newborn workshop without some cute newborns!  We’ll have plenty of hands on time to work with some beautiful, tiny little models.

Improving your workflow.  Finally we’ll discuss editing workflow and technics in Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw.  We’ll talk about batch processing and creating actions to make your workflow smoother and faster.

Talking shop.  We’ll talk a little business during our day together.  I got into photography for the love of photography, but we’ll cover the nitty gritty of invoicing, organizing your time, and improving your social media presence.

What do I bring with me

Lenses (I’ll explain why I shoot with 2 lenses)
Lightweight clothing (It’s going to be very warm in the studio)

How Do I Pay:

The cost of the workshop is $395 if registered by November 15th.  After November 15th, the cost of the workshop will be $415.

$100 is required to reserve your spot with the remaining amount due December 1, 2015.  If you need to cancel for any reason, all but $50 will be refunded to you IF you cancel before November 15th. If you need to cancel after November 15th, finding someone to fill your seat is your responsibility.  I will not be able to refund any money after the November 15th deadline. 

Other Important Info:

To ensure that each class participant gets the very most out of the workshop, I am limiting the number of seats to 6.  I want you to be able to ask questions and feel comfortable in my studio, and I feel that a more intimate group can help with that.

We will be breaking for lunch at noon.  I have hired the amazingly talented Dustin of Maple Springs Catering to bring us in my very favorite dish of Peach Pulled Pork Taco Salad.  If you have allergies that I need to know of, please let me know far enough in advance to let Dustin know.

The workshop is going to be in my newly constructed basement studio.  The address is 675 South 850 East in Brigham City, Utah.  1 hour North of Salt Lake City. 

I am sure I am missing some important bits of information.  Let me know if you have any questions and I will gladly get them answered for you.

Email questions to

Amber Rust is a Utah Newborn Photographer with 5 years experience in Newborn photography.

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