My attempt at personal and inspiring + a giveaway!!

I struggle at sharing personal stuff on my business blog until I read somewhere that your clients want to know that you are a person.  A person who struggles with real life “person” struggles.  Guess what…. I struggle!

I struggle with an adult autistic son
I struggle with LAUNDRY
I struggle with time management
I struggle with getting the kids to bed on time

I don’t want this blog post to be negative and gloomy.  I have my struggles, but I am happy!  I love my family, I love my job, I love my faith, I love my home, I love my friends.  I am more happy than not!

This blog post is about one of my silly little struggles!  My weight.  UGH…  Every single woman reading this is nodding their head in understanding!

This was me 16 years ago:

and 15 years ago:
15 years ago I decided to be that way fun, cool, energetic mom.  I decided to get off my butt and get to work!  It took about 18 months of steady, consistent hard work to lose 100 pounds!  It was the most amazing feeling in the world!  I have – for the most part – kept off those 100 pounds.  I have had 3 more kids + 2 emotional miscarriages over the 15 years. 
Me 2 years ago:
Photo credit: Wolf Photography
Me this summer with my supportive, amazing, perfect-for-me husband:
Photo credit: Endless Photography
What I’m realizing as I get older and older (we’re just not even going to talk about numbers lol) is that my cheat days stick around a lot longer than they used to!  I used to be able to head “over the river and through the woods” for the holidays and eat whatever I wanted to.  Then when the holidays were over, I’d get right back on schedule and have those holiday pounds melted away within a few weeks.
The past 18 months I’ve noticed that the holiday/summer vacation pounds take twice as much work and MORE than twice as long to get off.  Sometimes I don’t get them all melted before the next holiday/vacation pounds are gained.
I’ve also found myself swamped with work and pulling a lot of late night editing sessions to get caught up.  Well, when one stays up soooo very late at night some very not good things happen.  #1 lots of caffeine and snacks to stay awake  #2 less exercise because I don’t have enough sleep to wake up in the wee hours to get in my exercising  #3 plain old lack of sleep.  When I’m tired it’s a lot easier to fall off the wagon!
So here’s the deal!  My husband and I have decided we need to dig in our heels and recommit to our health.  We are going to put ourselves out there every Saturday morning with a “how I’m doing” report.  I’d like to lose 20 pounds and my husband would like to lose 35 pounds!  What we’d like to do is invite you to join in the journey!  I’d like to offer a free “After” portrait session to 1 individual each quarter who joins in this journey with me!  Whether you have 20 pounds or 100 pounds to lose, I invite you to get started with me!  It’s hard….I truly know how hard it is.  It is sooooo worth it. Words can’t even begin to express just how worth it this journey is.
To enter with me, leave me a fb message on my Two Color Photography facebook page and I’ll add you to our private group page on fb!  We’ll document the journey together via selfies and once every quarter I’ll pick a deserving face to receive an “After” portrait session to celebrate your success including hair and make-up!  We’ll doll you up for a free photographic “high five”!
The question I was asked the most through my weight loss was “How did you do it?”  “What diet are you on?”  I wasn’t on a fad diet, I didn’t use patches or pills.  I got off my butt and moved!  I controlled my portions.  I actually gave myself a cheat day!  
I have created a private fb page for those interested in joining in this journey with me.  On this page I will share the exact details in how I lost my initial 100 pounds, and how I daily kept on top of my diet to see success.  We can share our down days and applaud our up days! I can’t even stress enough how absolutely worth it changing your life can be!

Now that I read through that, I sound like an infomercial…. “and if you call now….”  Let me end by saying that I’m not selling anything.  I’m not with any health company or gym.  I did this on my own. In my own home.  With common sense, healthy dieting and consistent hard work.

So let’s get our butts in shape before the next holiday pounds sneak up on us!!

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  1. Lachelle Larsen
    Lachelle Larsen says:

    Amber I loved reading this. Although we have mingled with each other several times I learned a bit more about your personal life! You are a Strong women and you should be so proud of what you have achieved personal, family and career wise!

  2. Karlianne Whittington
    Karlianne Whittington says:

    I love reading about your weight loss journey! I enjoyed that group you ran for awhile there too. I’ve always thought you were an incredible woman with a golden heart.


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