Madi Yeates – BEHS Class of 2015 – Senior Rep

I’d like to introduce the world to another of my GORGEOUS Senior Reps!

Miss Madi!!!

And because I love letting others do my dirty work, I’m turning the rest of this blog post over to her!!!

Well to start off, my name is Madison Yeates. I am so excited to be a Senior Rep and be able to share a few things about myself with all of you! 

First off, the whole reason I wanted to be a Senior Rep is because i knew that it would be so fun and i love trying new things! So, thank you Amber for letting me have this experience! I am so excited to be able represent Two Color Photography my senior year, even though i am still so shocked that after having 3 siblings graduate and me being the youngest, that it is my turn to be the “big senior.”

My favorite part of school is definitely being social and being able to see everyone, everyday. I absolutely love supporting Box Elder and having school pride! i am a member of the Drill team at the High School and so i am very involved with school! I love standing in the student section at games and just being with the student body. I love all the Friday night lights and dressing in purple and losing your voice from cheering so loud for Box Elder. 

So like i said before, i am a Rockette and love it with all my heart! i have been dancing all my life and i will have been on the Drill team for 4 years when I graduate. I was the Junior captain last year and am the Senior captain for next year! Rockettes has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me! After High school I plan to go on a Humanitarian trip to help build houses for poor countries around the world. I will also be picking my brother, Rasten, up and visiting his mission in Chicago! After all that, I will be headed off to college, hopefully to Dixie State for my generals and then off to the University of Utah! I want to be a Veterinarian and somehow travel and help save animals. I have a few other things in mind but for the most part my dream is to be a Vet! But no matter what i want to be in the medical field! So i guess we will see what happens.(: 

Something special about me is that i collect everything. I save anything that people give me or that i find randomly. I just find everything to be sentimental and have a memory attached to it. i love collecting old things because they always have a story behind them and i love that. Every inch of the walls in my room are covered with pictures, stickers, signs, art, and lots of random things! 

Outside of school i enjoy being outside and adventurous. I love going jeeping, fishing, camping, snowboarding, boating, honestly anything that involves being with friends and family and having a  good time!

I also live on a Dairy farm and yes, cows are my favorite animals. I show a 1,200 pound heifer every year at the county fair and it is definitely one of my favorite things i do all summer! 
Bucket List:
1. live to be 100
2. buy myself a Volkswagen Van
3. travel the world in my van
4. ride an elephant
5. go on a hot air balloon ride
6. go on as many humanitarian trips as i can
7. work at the zoo
8. get married and have family
9. get really good at playing my guitar
10. start a journal and stick with it

one word that describes me: adventurous

If i could meet one person: Janis Joplin because she was one of the best musicians in the 60’s, in my opinion. She was so intriguing and had so much talent. I love her because she wasn’t afraid to be herself and i just love her music.

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