Jaylee’s Milestones Sessions

Jaylee came into the studio on her birthday yesterday!  Jaylee’s mom chose the “My Milestones” package to document Jaylee’s growth through the year!  Two Color Photography offers a handful of packages for newborns and babies.  The My Milestones package is the most popular!

I’ve known Jaylee’s mom for 15 years!  Her family helped us move into our home here in Northern Utah.  We count their family as one of our dear friends.  When Ashley got engaged to Tristan I was thrilled to get to capture that important day for them!


Ashley’s announcement that they were expecting a baby girl brought so much excitement for her family.  Jaylee would be the first grandbaby for Ashley’s parents!  At Ashley’s baby shower everybody brought a letter of the alphabet to decorate Jaylee’s nursery!

Ashley’s due date drew near and we started discussing what types of pictures we wanted for Jaylee.  We discussed doing a birth story or maybe a fresh 48.  We talked about the Milestones package and what they included.

On January 31st Ashley started having contractions.  Ashley was very aware that 1st time moms have longer labors and deliveries than moms with 2nd and 3rd etc pregnancies.  Because she knew this she thought she had plenty of time to breathe through some contractions before she needed to head off to the hospital.  Eventually the contractions were painful enough that Ashley and Tristan decided to head out the door to drive the 30 miles to the hospital.   Little Jaylee did not want to wait 30 minutes to be born at the hospital.

Tristan was on the phone with dispatch receiving instructions on how to deliver his new daughter if needed.  They were instructed to pull the car over so the ambulance could find them easier.  So Tristan exited the freeway and stopped the car.  In the nick of time the ambulance found their vehicle and literally carried Ashley into the ambulance where seconds later little Jaylee was born.

Ashley will tell you how she couldn’t relax until she heard her new baby’s cry and could feel her on her chest.  Fortunately this story has a very happy and beautiful ending!  I met Jaylee in the hospital the next morning for her first session!

milestones milestones milestones

Jaylee’s newborn session was obviously the first session in the Milestones package.  Ashley had filled out the Newborn Pre-Session questionnaire giving me all the info I needed to set up perfectly for their home and nursery style!

milestones milestones milestones milestones

Jaylee’s 3 month session was a little more work for all of us!  We had the honor of having a rep from Prissy Princess Props there to interview me and watch me work.  Jaylee didn’t want to be watched for her session, she wanted to be the one watching!  We still got amazing memories from that session!

milestones milestones

Once Jaylee was old enough to interact with her surroundings, her sessions were a piece of cake.  Here are some images from Jaylee’s 6 month session.

milestones milestones milestones milestones milestones

Jaylee’s 9 month session samples.

milestones milestones milestones milestones

Then yesterday the day came that Jaylee turned one!  We scheduled the the session for her actual birthday.  I wanted to be able to celebrate part of her big day with her!  I like to be able to customize the session to the needs of the family.  So Ashley sent me images of colors that she wanted used in the session.  I baked a cute little cake and picked up some matching balloons and we had an amazing session!  Happy Birthday Jaylee!  I’m so glad that to have watched you grow!


milestones milestones milestones milestones

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