It’s Story Time!! Brigham City Photographer

I think we all have that one friend.  You know the one, she always has the most crazy life stories.  I have a friend like that, and she is the best story teller and I can listen to her all day long!  Marla, I’m talking about you!!!!

Well, this week I feel like that friend (and it makes me smile a little inside)!

So I’m going to try and sum up my week as quickly as possible without leaving out all the important details!

Wednesday I get asked to bid on a large job for a local hospital for a new marketing campaign.  The job fits right into my specialty of newborn photography so needless to say, I’m very excited for the opportunity and submit my bid.

Thursday I am looking forward to hanging out with a family friend who grew up just down the street from my family in beautiful Dry Fork Canyon.  We will be playing at a fun location to do senior portraits for her daughter.  This location is about 45 minutes from my studio and my friend is driving about 45 minutes from her home to get to my studio.  I remove my camera batteries to get them all charged up (because I’m responsible like that).  I loaded up the car with some lights, props and my camera.  I’m so very proud of myself for being packed up and ready to go an hour before my session.  My friend Lori arrives with her cute daughter Whitney, and we jump into my car and drive the 45 minutes to this pretty amazing location that I just know Whitney is going to LOVE!!

We arrive at the location, and put the car into park.  That very second.  The VERY second I put the car into park I remembered something that made my stomach sink.  Little Miss responsible (remember, that’s me) forgot to take the batteries OUT of the charger and pack them with my gear.

“What do I do?”  My mind was racing… “what on earth do I do?”

I call a handful of amazing friends to see if they can meet me half way with the batteries.  None of them were available to run me my batteries.  Then I have an epiphany.  I’m actually closer to Cache Valley then I am to Brigham City, and a good friend who is a fellow photographer lives in Cache Valley and also shoots Canon.  I instantly get in contact with him and go speeding (very responsibly and safely) to meet up with Mike with Endless Photography who brought me a battery!!  Yay!

We were able to make some amazing images, and I was so relieved that I was with a friend when I did something so stupid as forget a battery, because Lori and Whitney were SO understanding and even laughed with me (to keep me from swearing maybe)!  Even though we started an hour late we were able to make these beautiful images:

After returning back to Brigham, I immediately turned around and headed back into Cache Valley to return the battery to Mike so he could have them in time for his sessions the next day.

Friday we were honored to photograph the wedding of a very dear friend (“but Amber,” you say, “I thought you don’t photograph weddings anymore….”  Oh, but I do for my very dear friends).  It was a beautiful ceremony and a beautiful day.  Their marriage makes sort of a “Brady Bunch” story. Between the two of them they now have 3 boys and 3 girls! Look at those smiles, it truly brings tears to my eyes to see my sweet friend Diane so happy!  Plus I got to grab lunch with my honey on the way home and we discovered a fantastic new dining location Culvers…. go… NOW… get the fried cheese.  Amazing!

On the way home from the wedding, I find out that I won the bid I had submitted on Wednesday and also found out that it would involve 9 sessions in Cache Valley in March.  I get a little nervous about fitting them all in, yet still excited to have won the bid!

Friday evening my husband and I attended the viewing of my sweet little adopted grandfather (the grandpa of my best friend).  While there I was humbled almost to tears to see that an image I had taken of this man who reminds me so much of my own sweet grandfather had been sent to an artist to be turned into a custom painting/drawing.  Such a touching image.  Look at Grandma’s expression!  SOO cute!

Saturday was the day I had been preparing for since January.  My first all day newborn photography workshop.  Besides getting a blow out on my shirt by the very first newborn of the day, the workshop went perfectly! Special thank you to Suzanne Hickman for documenting some great behind the scenes images from our session.  Especially since I forgot to grab a group shot of all of us together. (grrrr – my brain sometimes).

 These are some of my favorite images I captured during the workshop. Newborns make me happy!

Sunday is the day I get to photograph the first session of 9 for the bid I had won only 2 days previously.  I arrived at the home of this cute little family and we made some beautiful images.  The nature of the bid makes it so I can’t post the images on my social media sites, but I have a little secret image I think I’ll be okay to post:

Aren’t they an adorable couple!  After the session, we had stopped to visit a family friend for a few minutes before we headed back to Brigham City.  As soon as we had all the kids tucked into bed, I got a text from the family that had their maternity pictures earlier Sunday afternoon. They were in labor and were going to head into the hospital.  I packed up the gear and laid down for a few minutes hoping to grab a little bit of sleep before heading down to photograph the birth!  The labor went beautifully and I enjoyed getting to know this cute couple a little more throughout the 5’ish hours we spent together at the hospital.

Again, I’m not allowed to post any of the images taken that night/morning, but I think this image will be okay:

I love my job, photographing moments in people’s lives that are of the utmost importance.  After about 5 hours of birth photography, I hoped in the car and drove back to Brigham City crawling into bed at 5:30 in the morning.  My sweet husband offered to get the kids off to school so I could get some sleep, and I drifted off into happy exhaustion!

I sat down today and figured out some numbers:

Since Thursday, I have driven into Cache Valley 4 times.
Since Thursday, I have spent 20 hours behind my camera.
Since Thursday I have celebrated – through photography – a teenager’s graduation, a dear friend’s beautiful wedding day, a sweet grandfather’s exemplary life, the beauty of 3 beautiful newborns, a family’s celebration of a future new member, and the first beautiful cry of handsome little boy with a head full of dark hair.

Today, my son asked why my eyes have cracks in them!!

I truly love what I do, I love the people I meet, the babies I hold, the babies I witness taking their first breath.  The couples taking their first kiss as husband and wife.  I love the people who have been brought into my life to change me.  Each of you changes me.  Each of you touch my life, and I thank you for being the individuals you are.  You are ALL beautiful people!

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