Introducing Tate!

Being a photographer means meeting amazing people.  You meet them on some of their happiest days!  A photographer gets the honor of recording special days so that they can be remembered for decades!  I met Tate’s parents on their wedding day!  If I recall correctly, they married in December – possibly January.  Timari and Dalan got married at the Logan Temple that had just been blanketed in snow.

A few years later I got to meet Tate’s parents when we photographed big brother Rees’ newborn pictures!  When I got the email that another adorable Bingham baby would come to visit me for newborn pictures it gave me all the feel goods!

Timari asked that we do some pictures for Tate that were copies of poses and fabrics that we did for big brother Rees.  So I set up with the same colors and props that we used for Rees! Here’s a cute side by side with Rees on top and Tate on the bottom!  Look at the size difference between the two brothers!  Rees definitely doesn’t have as many rolls as his new little brother!



Chubby little Tate did a great job with all his poses.  Because he let us re-enact every pose we wanted his gallery is perfect!  Rees got to come hang out and be in some pictures too!  He did so good at holding his little brother!  Look at Rees’ smile when we placed little Tate in his lap!  He’s so proud to be a big brother!


I especially loved the family poses in this session!  The Binghams’ are beautiful people!

tate tate tate tate

Of course we can’t end this post without pictures of the handsome Mr. Tate as the spotlight!

tate tate tate tate tate

I look forward to the next time I get to meet up with the Binghams!  Maybe they’ll bring a little baby girl into the studio!!


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