I almost forgot #7!

On top of hosting a Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep training in my studio today, I also celebrated this adorable little girl’s 7th birthday!

She is my little “mini-me”!  She’s got my blue eyes and my blond hair, and my spunky (and maybe sometimes a little sarcastic and sometimes we might be a little dramatic…) personality!  I simply cannot imagine our home without her!

Fun little Abby example:
The other day we were visiting my parents in Vernal, Utah.  We were gathering the kids up to go get in the cars and needed each of the kids’ coats.  After wandering aimlessly around the house half-heartedly searching for her coat, my sister comes up to her and asks  “Abby, did you find your coat yet?” Abby, put her hands on her hips, tilts her head to one side, pops her head and declares  “Does it LOOK like I found my coat?”  My sister about died laughing!

So I’m going to blame being so late on post for day #7 on being so involved in her big day celebrations!

That being said here is …

New Year – New Me #7

12 Weddings

This year I am cutting the amount of weddings I am going to shoot to allow more flexibility in my schedule.  So for the year 2014, I will only accept 12 wedding photography contracts.  Wedding Day photography at this time will not receive Fusion Photography.  Weddings are such a fast paced genre of photography, I don’t have time to switching back and forth from video to stills.  Wedding packages that include Engagement and Bridal sessions will receive Fusion Photography on the Engagement and Bridals only!

I have kept the pricing on my Wedding Packages the same as 2013 but have included on my higher premier packages a 16×20 canvas print as well as a custom designed wedding album.

If you would like to look at a price sheet for Two Color Photography Weddings, shoot me a quick message on my contact form at  www.twocolorphotography.com and I will send you out my wedding pricing packet!

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