Today I edit with the blinds open.  Why do I open with with that statement?  I can only edit with the blinds open when it’s not sunny.  The sun glares at the monitors and makes editing inaccurate.  Today we have rain.  Yesterday we had rain.  The day before we had rain.  In Utah this year, it has rained more in April then it usually does all spring.  I bet you can imagine the havoc rain wrecks on our sessions.


How can a business that relies on dry skies thrive when we haven’t seen dry skies in a week?  How do I determine when to reschedule a session and when to wait and see?  Pull up an umbrella and let’s talk!

My mornings start at 5:30am for a good run on my trusty treadmill.  While I’m getting in my daily cardio I watch the news.  “Weather and traffic together every 10 minutes.”  When you run for an hour, you get a pretty good idea of what your shooting week will look like.

For instance, local weather woman Jill today said to expect rain by the evening commute.  She said tomorrow looks like the driest day of the week.  Storms arriving Friday and Saturday.

I trust Jill.  Jill is a smart meteorologist.

I mentally make a note to contact the evening’s session and get a feel for the importance of the session happening that day.

The McClellan family needed to do pictures the day we scheduled because they had a daughter leaving on an LDS mission and this would be our last opportunity to do pictures with the daughter in them.  It was vital that our session happened rain or snow.  I actually prefer snow.


I ran to the store and bought 3 large, clear umbrellas and packed an extra backup camera and lens in case the rain got to be too much for my equipment.  We got to the location and proceeded to photograph the fastest, funnest family session on record.  The lightning didn’t stop us.  Rain only sped us up and the greens in the pictures looked so vibrant and fresh.  After 20 minutes we finished a successful session!

In most cases if I can easily reschedule a session in this scenario I would have.  If it begins to rain hard enough that we need umbrellas and we can reschedule I will call it.


I reschedule:

  • When it is raining hard enough to need an umbrella
  • If the wind is strong enough to be a major annoyance with hair and clothing
  • When it rained so hard through the day that the ground and area is saturated
  • During lightning and thunder storms
  • If the temperature drops uncomfortably for any young children or babies
  • When a reschedule is easy

I shoot as scheduled:

  • When the rain is just drizzling
  • When the session is not easy to reschedule
  • If I’m photographing a teenage boy (not as many hair issues lol)
  • If it looks like the rain is just a quick spring storm
  • When there isn’t a lot of wind
  • When the client is up for an adventure!

Sometimes the weather can’t decide what to do.  It almost rains or only drizzles or maybe the wind picks up and subsides. Maybe it hasn’t started to rain but Jill with 2 News says it will.  In situations like that I leave the final decision up to the family.  If I have an adventurous family and my backup gear then I’m ready for anything!

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  1. Allie
    Allie says:

    These are some good tips! These photos look great! So pretty! Rain sometimes can be a good thing. Love that you are prepared for any type of weather!!

  2. Raegan Christensen
    Raegan Christensen says:

    Great info, Amber! I’ve always been worried about it raining during one of my sessions but I actually think a little soft rain creates the most pretty colors, don’t you? I love your work!

  3. Alexis
    Alexis says:

    These are such good tips Amber! Sometimes rainy pictures are my absolute favorite, and it looks like you kill it in any type of weather! You’re such a great family photographer. 🙂


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