Hey guys! My name’s Ryann and I’m interning with Amber! Today is about Amber’s top 5 favorite newborn poses of the year!

favorite newborn poses

Out of Amber’s favorite newborn poses, this is my personal favorite. It helps capture the attitude of the child, and makes this pose look natural for him. This sweet baby boy looks so peaceful and comfortable!

There’s something about those little baby toes that make them so adorable!

Those little baby lips, eyelashes, and fingers are every mothers favorite thing. How is it possible to mash all of the adorable things in one picture?!

The Froggy pose is the most often requested pose with Amber. It is usually the parents favorite also because they get to participate in taking the picture. Amber gives the best Froggy Pose Tutorial!

We saved the best for last! This little boy look like an angel; having the teddy bear in the picture helps set a sweet and innocent overall feeling.

Learn more about Amber’s favorite newborn poses and sign up for one of her workshops! She does an amazing job and you’ll learn a lot from her! Whether you’re looking to learn more about newborn photography or how to do more poses, she’ll give you the tools you need!