If you haven’t driven through Brigham City in late April, you need to add it to your travel list soon!  Highway 89 that drives through Willard, Perry and Brigham City showcases the most beautiful orchard you will ever see.  In April the peach, cherry, and apple trees blossom in pinks and whites.  They also make a stunning backdrop for senior portraits!  These orchards look beautiful year round however my favorite orchard looks best in full bloom the last week in April.

Emie’s family have been personal friends and clients of mine for close to 10 years.  So it gives makes me smile to see her again at her senior portrait session.  As we talked about locations Emie expressed wanting to do some pictures in the gorgeous, snowy, Utah winter.  She also expressed her desire to have pictures in a beautiful orchard in Perry.  Of course you can’t have snow and blossoms in the same session, so we split her session into two sessions allowing her the best of both worlds.

I personally prefer the warmth of the orchard session.  Cold and I do not mix!  Emie’s kind personality and beautiful red hair made even the cold weather of Utah winters worth it so I would do it all again!

Congratulations on your graduation Emie.  This year has been full of success for you and I know as you enter the next stage of college and roommates that you will have equal success!  Don’t forget us little guys as you go on to achieve many great things!