Introducing Emery – Utah Newborn Photographer

Sometimes you get a newborn with such alert eyes that you think she must be older than 14 days.  Emery came into her session with a beautiful head of dark hair.  Her eyes followed me as I posed her and she stared right into the camera when I took a picture.

When you have an awake newborn you run the risk of having a baby who doesn’t enjoy her poses.  It can also be difficult to pose a newborn who is awake because they move their arms and legs around making the “perfect” pose nearly impossible to achieve.

However I find that moms happen to love the poses where their baby is being a baby.  Moms and dads always love pictures where they can see their new baby’s beautiful eyes.

Emery Emery

Emery also gave us the perfect sleepy posed photos that make my job easy!  Mom filled out the Newborn Pre-Session Questionnaire.  She chose Carly Cream, Gabriella Green, and Paisely Pink for Emery’s session.  Using the questionnaire her mom also let me know that her and her husband would like to be part of the session.  The Newborn Pre-Session Questionnaire helps make a newborn session fit your style and needs.

Emery Emery Emery Emery Emery Emery

I loved working with little Emery and her parents.  All three of their sessions show how much love they have in their family!

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  1. Jaime B
    Jaime B says:

    Newborn sessions are some of the most precious pictures and this little one is absolutely adorable! I love this colors too. You are such a great photographer, beautiful work!


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