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Em J Photography – Utah Newborn Photographer Spotlight

Do you know how many baby’s are born in Utah in a single year?  As much as I’d like to think I could photograph each and every one of these beautiful Utah newborns, it’s not physically possible.  In 2014 in there were 51, 164 births.  Which is actually lower than it has been in years.  Even if I could photograph 1 newborn every hour this year, I would still fall short by more than 40,000 newborns.  I am so glad there is a community of talented newborn photographers here in Utah.  I personally know many of them and am constantly in awe of their talent.  I thought it would be so awesome to do a Newborn Photographer Spotlight to showcase the many talented artists here in Utah!

This year in our beautiful Box Elder County, we as photographers have really tried to overcome the competition mentality and become a community of talented friends and colleagues.  We hangout at coffee shops, we do headshot swaps and dinner, we listen to incredible educational speakers. We have even offered a free photo event for our beautiful little town! It’s been an amazing year for the photography community in Box Elder County.

I want to take this mentality one step further.  I want Utah to be the most friendly and supportive state for a photography community to learn and grow from each other.  I’ve recently had the opportunity to become an administrator for the facebook page Utah Newborns.  I want this page to be an incredible resource to local Utah newborn photographers to network, communicate, share, ask questions and offer advice.

I decided to spotlight one newborn photographer each month on my blog as well as on the Utah Newborns facebook page.  I’ve reached out to a handful of Utah newborn photographers and have received wonderful feedback.  I’ll be sharing beautiful images from these wonderful photographers, and I’ll be asking them all the tough questions like “what is your favorite treat to keep you awake during the long hours of editing?”

You will hopefully enjoy learning more about the Utah newborn photography community!

newborn spotlight

Emily Julander with Em J Photography is a dear friend of mine.  We help each other out by tag teaming on twin newborn sessions.  It helps to have an extra pair of hands to keep you from being out numbered.  We have plans in place for teaching workshops together.  Each of us sharing our strengths of newborn sessions!  She is a crossfit genius! She is an artist and excels at EVERYTHING she tries!

Go take a peek at her website, it is beautiful and showcases her work perfectly!

Here’s the in depth behind the newborn photographer spotlight with Emily!

Q- How long have you been photographing newborns?
A- I have been photographing newborns for 3 years

Q- Do you photograph other genres besides newborns?
A- I photograph many other genres. My other favs after newborns would have to be birth stories, but I love seniors and fitness too. I do some weddings, formal and lifestyle families too.

Q- What was the hardest pose for you to “nail”?
A- The hardest pose for me to nail was/is taco/womb, I feel like some babies just won’t do it, but when I do get it right it’s one of my favs.

newborn spotlight

Q- What is your favorite pose?
A- Hmmm? What is my favorite pose? Well the easiest for me is bum up, but my favorite is probably a side view froggy pose. I love how it squishes their little faces and pushes out the lips. Shooting from the shadows and macro lip shots in this pose are to die for.

Q- Tell us about your family!
A- My family is my everything and why I began my journey in photography. I originally just wanted better pictures of my own kids, and of course the hobby evolved, and unfortunately I don’t get as many of my own kids as I should now. I have 4 kids who are growing up way too fast. They are 6, 9, 10 & 12 (soon to be 11 & 13). James is my oldest and my look alike, he just started junior high and is changing so much in so many ways! I don’t know if I’m ready for all of it, but it’s fun. He has a huge heart and is eager to grow up. He’s learning that he likes to push my buttons! He’s a handsome, smart kids and a great big brother. Ragan is my super talented try anything and everything little go getter! She can do anything and she’s not afraid of failing. She will try anything that is put in her way! She is competitive and creative and she knows just how awesome she is. Dallin is my quiet kid. He has always been self entertaining, never needed anyone else’s opinion or approval. He marches to the beat of his own drum. He’s smart and funny and just plain awesome. Mayci or Mo as we call her is so full of fun. She loves to tell stories and make people laugh. She’s chatty and girly and loves dolls and dressups. She is very social and has crushes on every boy! My hubby Pete is what makes all that I do possible. He is so supportive and is a better mom than me. He cooks and does most of the laundry. He is an awesome dad. My kids all know just how much he loves them. He shows them through playing with them and just plain loving them. He knows how to make everyone feel like a million bucks. He works at Primary Children’s Hospital as a Respiratory Therapist. He is excellent at his job and loves what he does. He’s more than I deserve and I’m so grateful for him.

newborn spotlight

Q- When editing, what is your netflix series of choice to watch?
A- I don’t watch much TV while editing. But a series I like right now is Arrow…but let’s be real I just watch it to drool…I mean really he’s a stud!

Q- Coke or Pepsi?
A- If I’m feeling healthy diet coke or wild cherry pepsi, if it’s full force Pepsi.

Q- Outside of photography, what are some of your hobbies and talents?
A- I am a hairstylist one day a week and am good at what I do, but would hate it if I had to do it every day. I am an artist in almost every way. I love all things creative and artistic. I was formerly a cake artist, but it was a bit too stressful and time consuming. Just give me a creative outlet and I’ll do my best to shine.

newborn spotlight

Q- Something quirky about you!
A- I think the question is what’s not quirky about me!

Q- Where do you expect EmJ Photography to be in 10 years?
A- I hope to be thriving. In my dream Studio, teaching workshops, traveling and still doing what I love!

Q- What is the biggest mistake you made when starting out in newborn photography?
A- I don’t think I made mistakes per say, but I did learn from doing things the hard way. I think one of the things that helped me improve the most besides just studying my butt off, was prepping the client. Giving the mom expectations and instructions for before, during and after a session is SO important. Also using an assistant helped me A TON!

newborn spotlight

Q- What piece of advice would you give to a photographer in their first year of photography?
A- Don’t get discouraged and don’t give up. I had so many times I wanted to quit, but just learn from the tough stuff and keep studying, you can’t be the best right out of the gate, there is a huge learning curve that never really ends!

Q- Home studio or store front studio?
A- Home Studio

Q- If you could travel back in time, what would you do differently in your business?
A- The business end! I’ve just finally started getting the hang of that part. I think if you start out with a solid base of good business skills you will be faster to succeed.

Q- Christmas music in October or wait until December??
A- Oh good gosh please wait!

newborn spotlight

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