Day #6 Lights….Camera….Action!!

13+ years ago I began this journey into photography, and I’m pretty proud to say that my first two weddings were shot on a film camera! Looking back I can’t even begin to imagine what on earth compelled me to try that! I wish I had a picture to show you!

3 years after buying my first SLR camera, I ventured into the world of Digital and wow how many miracles opened up to my view with that camera!  It gave me the courage to begin shooting completely in manual mode.  It also gave me the courage to begin looking into what it would take to legally open my own business. I also bought my first set of studio lights that weren’t homemade gasp!

About 3 years later I upgraded my DSLR camera and again it opened up wonders and enlightened my mind!  I started upgrading lenses.  I upgraded my studio equipment and computers. I went through all the legal channels to license my business through the state and the federal government.  The day my studio passed inspection, I think I cried a little! I started to see amazing changes with my photography skill.  I could adjust settings on my camera without even peeking at the knobs.  I could take a pretty accurate guess at my settings should be without even looking at the viewfinder.

Fast forward to 2 years ago.  I made the hardest and most scary decision I have made since the beginning of this venture.  I made the decision to switch camera brands and format.  I bought a camera that cost more money than any of my other cameras combined.  The result was well worth EVERY SINGLE penny.  Once again I saw my skill soar!  Switching to a full frame camera was magical!  Again I upgraded my studio equipment, lenses, computer, and started a major construction project in my studio.  And not to brag, but my images looked amazing!  I can take a picture drive through my years of images and see constant and continual improvement!

So, 9 months ago I bought the twin to my Canon 5D Markii and have began playing around with what I think will be the next biggest thing in my photography and in photography in general!

This brings me to:

New Year – New Me #6

Fusion Photography!

Owning two identical cameras that both shoot stills AND video has once again enlightened my ideas for my photography!!  Fusion is using both VIDEO and still photography to tell a story in one movie!  Since the very beginning of Two Color Photography, my clients have received, at no additional charge, a custom made music video of the still images from their session put to music.  That is something that I will never give up.  I have gotten SOOO many positive responses to my videos.  This is why I am thrilled to pieces to be one of the few photographers in Northern Utah to give you bits of video to add to your standard session and then to put those amazing videos together to bring priceless tears to your eyes!!

Obviously some session won’t work well with Fusion Photography, sleeping newborns look the same in video as they do in still photography, so I won’t be offering Fusion Photography with my newborn sessions just yet (my mind is constantly coming up with ideas to implement Fusion with newborns, so watch for it in the future)!

If you would like to see a sample of my very first Fusion Photography, shoot me a quick text or fb message and I will share with you!!

Now, everybody put your hands in the air and cheer!!!

My nieces are gorgeous!  This photo is in honor of my niece who has a little over two weeks left before she gets to return home from serving an LDS mission!!  Which makes this photo a little ironic, because she and her other sister, who is also serving a mission right now, aren’t in the picture.

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