Day 5 – Out of witty titles….

I stayed home with my little “mini-me” from the first hour of church today because she wasn’t feeling well.  I gave her her tablet and went into the next room to look over the Sunday School lesson I had been planning and I hear my notification sound on my phone.  I glance over and see my sweet little girl had Google chatted me with a sweet compliment about the song I was listening too!  Today’s random photo is the screen capture from my phone of our little conversation!  (And yes, I see that I have a message 🙂  Sunday is the only day that I take off! 100% off, so I’ll return that message first thing in the morning!)

There is just something pretty cool about being a mom!  She melts my heart!
Without any further ado, here is day 5!
New Year – New Me #5
Gulp, Gulp, Gulp
Changes to CDs!
Each session now comes with a low resolution CD so you can print 5×7 images and smaller.  They images will be big enough to scrapbook, create albums, announcements, blog or facebook.  When a $50 order is placed through your gallery, you then receive the high resolution CD free of charge.
Now, let me explain my reasoning on this change…
There are so many times I have walked into a home of one of my wonderful clients whose pictures I’ve done, and I see their Wal-mart prints on their wall, and it just doesn’t match the vision I had when I created the pictures, it truly breaks my heart.  My whole self and soul goes into editing each and every image I produce for you, from snapping the shutter release button to pulling them into Photoshop and adding that little extra piece of magic.  I won’t give you an image I wouldn’t proudly display on my own walls.  
The prices posted on your galleries are VERY reasonable, and with the 10% Early Bird Discount on all galleries (New Year – New Me #3) they are even more reasonably priced. They are also very simple to order straight from the comfort of your own home (even in your jammies if you wish), and are printed from a top of the line printing lab with a 100% guarantee.  The moment you hit the order button, I receive an email giving me a chance to review your order and double check my images to ensure that crops look good and that everything will go through without a hitch.  They then take approximately 4 days to be printed and shipped straight to your front porch.
My job doesn’t end at the end of the session, my job isn’t done until you have art on your wall.  Art that you are thrilled with, and art that is true to my artistic vision.
I’m sure I will have many a question on this change, but it is one I have been stewing over for more than 5 years, and I feel good about it and I promise you it will be worth it for you as well!

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