Day #10! Final Day of Changes for 2014!

Wow, the last 10 days have been full of some pretty exciting changes that I’m looking forward to implementing in 2014!  I want to refresh your minds about what was covered on days 1-9.  “Let me ‘splain……No, there is too much. Let me sum up.”  {name that movie 🙂 }

Day 1 – Free Prints for All!  (Free 11×14 prints to every full price session)
Day 2 – Client Referral Program
Day 3 – 10% Early Bird Discount
Day 4 – Price Increase
Day 5 – Changes to CDs
Day 6 – Fusion Photography
Day 7 – Limiting Weddings to 12
Day 8 – Quarterly Sale-Price Sessions
Day 9 – Senior Rep Program

I feel like these are going to be great additions/changes for Two Color Photography.  They have all been thought out and planned out to help me get to the long term goals I have listed in my 5 year plan.  I also think they are amazing additions for my clients.  I want you to have the experience of a lifetime when we do your session, and then again when you receive your images, and then every time you walk past those images on your walls!  I want you to love your images as much as I loved creating them for you, and that is my ultimate goal!

So, a final step in helping you to be thrilled beyond belief is Day 10!

New Year – New Me #10

Opportunities for Print Credit

A print credit is a way to earn credit toward free prints!
Here is the conversion rate for a print credit:
1 Print Credit = $1
Pretty simple!

How do you earn these print credits?  There are a few ways I have already thought of, and I’m always on the look out for ideas to offer other print credits!  Here are the ones I’ve come up with already:

1.  Client Referral Program (Day 2) = 5 print credits
2.  Submit a review on fb or other web media = 1 print credit per review
3.  Snap and post a behind-the-scenes shot of your session on any digital media sight, and tag me in that image.  Find me on instagram @twocolorphotography  Find me on facebook as Two Color Photography, and on Twitter @TwoColorPhoto.  = 1 print credit per post
4.  Spend a $100 on your gallery = 5 print credits

To put this into perspective, 5 print credits equals a free 8×10!!

I now put my 10 New Year – New Me posts to bed, before I do, I want each of my clients to know how much you have touched my life.  Each of you has had a story to share and I have loved hearing them.  I love that you let me into your families for a few hours, I love that you trust me with your children, I love that you don’t mind when I get a little silly with your sweet babies, I love that you don’t mind if I sneak a kiss on top of you newborns little head.  I love that you trust me with your memories.  I love what I do and not a day goes by that I don’t thank a loving Heavenly Father for giving me the talents I have and allowing me to meet each of you and your families!

Happy New Year from Two Color Photography!!!

Do you think I can keep up this daily posting?  I almost didn’t get it in today….again!

{a special thank you to this sweet client who brought my family dinner while my son was in the hospital over the holidays!  Words just can’t express how much that meant to me, not to mention it was delicious!}

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