What is a Creative Team??


My Creative Team consists of three extremely talented photographers. Each photographer has gone through an interviewing process of strange, corny, insightful questions. They also had a hands on photography session interview where they had to show me how they run a session and how beautiful their images are at the end!  At the end I hand picked these 3 photographers out of 30 who applied for the position.  My Creative Team is made up of the best photographers in Northern, Utah.

My Creative Team attends quarterly training meetings where they learn posing, lighting, photoshop and workflow.  Each of my Creative Team Members has open doors to any session they’d like to second shoot with me.  They can ask questions, learn lighting and watch how I interact with clients.

When you call to book a family session, you can now choose from 3 amazing photographers who undergo continual mentoring and education from me.  When they finish up their session, the give me the memory card and I edit the session.  This allows my style to remain consistent.  That style is what Two Color Photography has become well known for!

The client experience is so important to me, I want your session to be a positive memory instead of a frustrating day.  Each of these amazing photographers had to pass a personality test!  When we went out and did our headshots, they got down and silly with me.  Even when the wind made us look quite freakish!!  These photographers are amazing and I guarantee they will make your session a positive experience!

My Creative Team will be available to photograph Family, Senior, Children, Birth and Baby sessions.


So let’s meet my Creative Team!!


Ashlee Parkinson
Premier Photographer

“Hey! I’m Ashlee! My love for photography started with visiting my grandparents and going through their photo albums over and over again. I loved hearing the conversations that the images sparked. I have always poured over photographs with fondness. When I started to realize that life is short, pictures became even more important. My parents bought me a point and shoot camera when I was 15. I immediately fell in love, and was gifted my first dSLR at 18. I’ve never looked back and rarely go anywhere without my camera. It is a vital part of who I am and I am proud and grateful to offer a timeless service to people!

I live in Brigham City with my better half and our two cute sons. Spending time with my family is what fills my soul. In my free time I like to knit, crochet, travel and hike!”


Mandi Thornton

“Hi my name is Mandi! I found my love of photography 7 years ago. It started out as a hobby, but over the years has grown to so much more! I absolutely LOVE shooting families. The icing on the cake is little kids. I’ve always found joy in producing pictures that make my clients happy. Nothing’s better than fresh new prints of the ones you love hung about your home. I’m a mother to 3 beautiful girls, and married my very best friend and better half 11 years ago. When I’m not out shooting I thoroughly enjoy being involved with my family. We enjoy everything from camping and 4-wheeling, to relaxing movie days and playing outside. My family is my everything and greatest support.”


Cris Rose

“I have always loved photography and bought my first DSLR around 10 years ago to document family activities. It has since blossomed into a passion and love. I love taking portraits, families and action shots. I have been married to my best friend Mike who shares the love of photography with me for three years. I have four children, two which are married and one adorable granddaughter. My family is my world and the center of everything for me. I love to shop and bake in any spare time I might have when I am not at the ball field.”

What is the difference between my Premier Photographer and my other photographers?

If I could pinpoint one difference between Ashlee and my other fantastic photographers, I’d say it boils down to experience.  All of the photographers on my team own photography businesses of their own.  Ashlee has been in business the longest.  She has more years in the business and has faced and succeeded in every challenge known to the photography world!  Let me reiterate that Ashlee, Cris, and Mandi each have the skills that it takes to consistently and creatively give you a top of the line session.  I wouldn’t have asked them to join my team if I didn’t believe this with all of my heart.  They each have families and know how to work with children.  They have the patience of Job when it comes to your children!  I trust them and their work 100% guaranteed.

Can I still hire Amber for my session?

What if you have absolutely fallen in love with me and don’t want anyone else to do your photos?  I say thank you!  I am still accepting family sessions on a limited basis.  Family and church responsibilities have required me to cut back on the amount of nights I can do sessions.  I love you all.  I know you are the faces behind my success.  I wish I could be the one behind the lens for every one of your sessions, but I just can’t fit it all in.  If you would like me to be the one photographing your session, give me a holler and I’ll get you in!