mark iv

Today I bought the Canon 5D Mark IV.  I have been asked multiple times how I am able to afford that large of an expense.  So let’s rewind for a moment!

16 years ago I was so tired of sub-par photos.  We had just celebrated the arrival of a beautiful little 9 pound little girl with a full head of dark curly hair.  She had more hair than any baby I have ever seen.  I know, I photograph over 100 newborns each year, and I have never seen a baby with as much hair as my Stephanie.  She still has TONS of hair!

mark iv

We had a budget and couldn’t afford a $4,000.00 camera.  However, a nice $49 35mm camera was in our price range. We snapped photos of this beautiful little girl with a head full of hair.  After we filled a roll of film with pictures we took that roll to the local store and sent it to be developed.  Then we waited until pick up day arrived.  We were crushed to see that we were ruining pictures and our memories.  We found it in our budget to go to Inkley’s and purchase a SLR camera that cost about $350.  I made it a priority to learn the ins and outs of this camera and eventually my skill increased and my confidence grew.  This isn’t a post about how I began my photography career, so I’m going to skip all the details.  Going to IPPA my first year is where I learned how to run the financial side of my business.  I listened to Bevan Whitear and the financial foundation of my business changed forever!

The tips that Bevan shared with the class have allowed me to have a working cash flow while still, paying the tax man, paying myself and saving for a rainy day.

At the beginning of my photography business, I vowed that running this business would never effect the financial stability of my family.  I would never go into debt for my business.  When I bought my Canon 5D Mark II it was my first medium format camera.  I was able to buy two of them within a months time without affecting the financial well being of my family or my business.  When Canon came out with their Mark III, I was still so in love with my Mark II that I didn’t even think about purchasing the new upgrade.  However, I knew that by the time the Mark IV was announced, I’d have enough wear on my two Mark IIs that I would be justified to buy the Mark IV.  In the meantime, I kept using the tips that Bevan shared and was able to pay for Christmases for my family, take my family on vacations, buy props, without ever going into any debt.

Yesterday the Mark IV was announced and because of the way I have ran the financial side of my business over the last 15+ years, the only decision I had to make on the day the camera was announced was whether or not I wanted to buy two!