Newborn Twins

Boyce Newborn Twins

When I get contact with a mom expecting newborn twins I get a wave of emotions!  I’m sure my wave of emotions is much more stable than the emotions that mom and dad experienced on the day they discovered they were expecting twins.

A newborn twin session can go so many different directions.  When all the stars align, the session is almost as easy as a single newborn session.  In contrast, all things can fall apart leaving you rocking in the corner sucking your thumb.

In my experience with newborn twins, I have discovered the importance of having an assistant on hand.  For the Boyce twins, I called on my friend Ashlee Parkinson with Ash & Co to help snuggle these sweet babies.

Hannah and Mason were a photographer’s dream subjects.  They were sleepy and relaxed while I posed them.  A few times they woke up and peered at what we were doing but went right back to sleep.  We completed the entire session in less time than some single newborn sessions.

Newborn Twins

The highlight of the session was when big sisters were also spectacular models snuggling into the babies.  Sometimes older siblings don’t like laying on the flokati rug.  I think they wonder if I’m going to ask them to take a quick nap.  The girls got right down on the rug following all my instructions perfectly.

Newborn Twins

Another trick I have discovered for a twin session is to map out the entire session from beginning to end.  Ashlee arrived at the studio early and I was able to sit down and show her how I wanted the flow of the session to go.  The flow includes step by step poses – individual and with both babies together.  Doing this ensures that each twin gets equal camera time in coordinating pieces.  Each outfit coordinates so when the images are printed and hanging on a wall, they are cohesive and beautiful.

Newborn Twins Newborn Twins Newborn Twins Newborn Twins Newborn Twins

Mason & Hannah’s session went off without a hitch.  Each pose on my “map” turned out beautifully!

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  1. Claire Brazelton
    Claire Brazelton says:

    Adorable family and newborn pics.
    Just had a sweet little girl myself and it reminds me of the wonderful pictures you took of my son when he was 4 months old!

  2. Ana Legua
    Ana Legua says:

    Amber, I would LOVE to win the mini newborn session! You are seriously amazing with babies. And now that I am specting, this would be a great opportunity!

  3. RaShae Perham
    RaShae Perham says:

    I love these. I am expecting twin boys and would love to win a free session. I’ve seen your work and think it’s amazing.

  4. Lindsay Halling
    Lindsay Halling says:

    You are the best photographer! We have enjoyed every session we’ve done with you! You have an amazing talent! Beautiful job with these adorable twins pictures! Looking forward to our next session in January with my baby boy!

  5. Diane Homan
    Diane Homan says:

    This is so adorable! I can’t believe twin sessions are as easy as singles. They seem like they’d be so much harder!

  6. Heather Reese
    Heather Reese says:

    Amber I love reading your blog and fb post! And your pictures are always beyond amazing! I’m convinced the only fun thing about having twins would be the

  7. Kimberly Goff
    Kimberly Goff says:

    This is beautiful!!! These twins were the perfect models. Expecting a baby in the next 2 weeks and can’t wait to meet him!

  8. Kayja
    Kayja says:

    I sure wish I could have gotten newborn pictures done, I didn’t take nice pictures of my twins until they were a month old and I took them myself so they are certainly not as good as a professional photographer. My babies are almost 9 months old now.

  9. Cami Jacoway
    Cami Jacoway says:

    Twins are the best and make for some pretty cute newborns! I’ve got another set coming in 3 weeks! Cute pics Amber!

  10. Julie Knapp
    Julie Knapp says:

    I am amazed at how gorgeous these are! I would love to surprise my daughter with newborn sessions for her baby! Thanks for the chance to win a free session!


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