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The Hansen Family in the beautiful Box Elder Campgrounds

Box Elder Family Campgrounds are one of the most popular photography sites for Box Elder County family photographers especially in the fall!  This is also the time of year where family photographers eat, sleep and drink portrait sessions and editing.

The Hansen Family have been clients of mine for approximately 7 years!  Our first session together was photographed in this same location!

This year we had a session planned that had to be rescheduled and my schedule was full until far past the leaves being beautiful.  Fortunately Two Color Photography has recently created a Creative Team containing 5 fantastic associate photographers.  I called up the very talented Jen Taylor and she gave me some dates that I passed on to Andria.

We discussed some location ideas and Andria chose the Box Elder Campgrounds.  We knew the leaves would be beautiful this time of year!  The session date arrived, the weather cooperated perfectly and the session went off without a hitch.

Jen drove straight to my office after her session to drop of the SD card for me to begin my edits.  The next thing you know we have these beautiful sneak peek images from the Box Elder Campgrounds to enjoy!

To find out more about Jen Taylor and the rest of our Creative Team, take a peek here!

family photography family photography family photography family photography

family photography family photography

family photography


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