Hello – It’s me again!!

Ben and Riley came to my newborn studio in Brigham City, Utah just before Christmas.  I am lucky enough to be related to these two babes.  Their daddy is my cousin.  So they have a little special spot in my heart.  All 400+ babies I’ve snuggled over the last 7 years have a special place, but Ben and Riley have a special, special place!

When I photograph twins, I bring in a fellow photographer Emily with Em J Photography.  She is also my good friend and workshop partner.  This session was no different.  It helps tremendously to have an extra hand to help hold and pose the babies so that parents can sit and bask in their babies.

When I photograph twins, I like to make sure each baby gets a few shots individually as well as together.  Each individual pose matches up with a group pose.  This allows for beautiful wall hangings in the nursery.  The first thing we do is wrap both babies so they’re sleepy, then we move onto all the other poses.  We always try and photograph the babies connecting.  Holding hands, arms around back etc.

I hope Evan and Aerro are getting some sleep now that the babies are a little bit older.  However, I highly doubt it!

It was so great to have Ben and Riley as well as Evan and Aerro spend the morning with me.  Even though we’re cousins, we haven’t seen much of each other.  So it was great to catch up and see what great parents they are.  Thank you for letting me play with your beautiful babies!

This session took place in my newborn and baby studio in Brigham City, Utah.  For more information about a newborn session with Two Color Photography click here or call Amber at 435-720-3801.