A Day Off?

I just finished a workshop about blogging that has inspired me to recommit to blogging!  One of the tips was to show your readers a little about your everyday life and add pictures!  Pictures… I can do pictures!  

The other day on a session, I had a client ask what I do when I get a day off.  I joked something about not remembering what it’s like to have a day off!  Well, the stars aligned today, and I was able to remember what I do on my days off!

I have to preface this day-off saga by saying that in truth it wasn’t a full day off, I had a morning portrait session with one of my favorite families, but I didn’t have any sessions the rest of the day.

So after smacking the snooze button 9 times, putting in my miles on the treadmill, and doing my portrait session, I was ready to get into my Day Off To Do List

1.  Plant the tomatoes plants I picked up on my way home from my portrait session – yay spring!!!
2.  Get the oil changed in the Burb – it’s been telling me for weeks that it’s time for a change
3.  Pick up some groceries while the Burb is getting pampered
4.  Buy grass killer, tree fertilizer, pre-emergent, shovel, garden clippers, garden gloves
5.  Swing through the drive thru for a nice refreshing Diet Coke
6.  Tackle this:

In full disclosure, there was NO way I was going to snap a picture until I had weeded for a few hours first!
7.  Put Marshall and Dad to work sawing up the dead Columnar Aspen tree we had to pull last weekend, so we can fit it in the Trailblazer and take it to the green waste facility.

It still just breaks my heart that we lost this tree last fall.  You can see how much bark was scratched off by some wandering kittys.  Ignore those amazingly frustrating weeds.  I tell you, my day off was going to be full of some much needed yard freshening!

9. Weed, weed, weed, weed.
10.  Give the kids their beautiful new garden gloves to get them excited to help weed!
11.  Weed, weed, weed.
11a.  Offer to pay kids money to get them excited to help weed!
12.  Spray grass killer on those tough ones that come up in between the curbing and the bark – UGH I hate those!
13.  Sprinkle pre-emergent over freshly weeded beds
14.  Take this handsome guy out for dinner to thank him for all his muscle work
14.  Plant my beautiful new tomatoes, and pray that even though we’ve planted before the average last day of frost in Utah, that these new little guys will stay warm and snuggly!
15.  Plant my beautiful new pea seeds – which I was informed should have happened weeks ago.
16.  Make annual commitment to put 110% effort into the garden this year, so we can actually eat some of these veggies I’m going to plant.  Commit that this year, my commitment will last longer than June!
17.  Fertilize said garden veggies
18.  Fertilize ~40 shrubs/bushes + 41 trees (including a little TLC on the new tree planted last weekend to replace the one we lost)
19.  Plant new Japanese Maple to replace one we lost last year when our sprinkler system malfunctioned.
20.  Sit and RELAX!
Did you know you get bonus points if you do it all barefoot?!  
So here I sit at 11:44 on Saturday night.  We got all but two of our to do list items finished (will have to fertilize the trees on my next day off, and that Japanese Maple will be okay until Monday), and it’s too dark to show it off!
My favorite part of the day was when we were all finished and were sitting on the porch reminiscing about the transformation that this yard has taken since we bought our home 11 years ago.  Each summer as we sunk money and sweat into the yard, I would tell Thomas that once all of the grass, flower beds and rocks were in place, we would be able to sit back and just enjoy it!  Today as we sat and talked and rubbed our sore backs and callouses, I apologized for my false hope from years prior!
Tomorrow, rain or shine, we are eating dinner in our beautiful back yard!  Tomorrow, when the sun comes back up, I will sneak out back and snap a picture to show off our hard work.  Tomorrow I will also be $40 poorer because we had to make good on our promise to pay the kids for their help!
I’m looking forward to my next day off, maybe I can plant a few more perennials!
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