Hello Hello! My Name is Sam McClellan, I am a Junior at Box Elder High right now, living and loving being a teenager! Photography is my passion, That would be why I decided to do an internship with Two Color Photography. I love taking pictures of teenagers, that might seem weird since teenagers are notorious for being hard to get along with, and more of the “selfie” rather than the get dressed up and go with a photographer to a pretty place to have them tell you how to move your body. The thing that I have learned through photography is that girls especially love to have GORGEOUS pictures of them. Everyone has something to show the world whether it be your beautiful eyes, you hair, or your personality. Pictures are an incredible way to portray yourself in a positive way. Since this is a Photography blog I figure I might want to talk about photos, right? I want to mostly do senior portraits so I am going to share with you this incredibly gorgeous girls senior pictures!

THIS IS BEAUTY! The outfit, the lighting, the plaid, the tree, her eyes, he hair. this picture is just perfection. the way that this picture is taken really shows of perfectly shaped face. This in my opinion is what photography is about. Emphasizing the positives.

This pictures brings me into my next point about photography. PERSONALITY. This pictures shows who she is. In pictures we always dress up, and sometimes we don’t even look like ourselves anymore. This pictures ties her personality and her natural beauty all together. She looks shy and yet bold. Contrast is the key. She isn’t sitting on a couch in her sweatshirt, yet she looks comfortable.
COMFORTABLE. you can’t look stiff in your pictures. pictures are to capture YOU.

THIS PICTURE CAPTURES BEAUTY. in the other pictures you see how beautiful she is, but alot of them was capturing personality. this picture just emanates GORGEOUS. that is my favorite part of photography, getting to see how you can bring out their strengths. her eyes are one of her strengths for sure and they stand out and draw your eyes in this picture. (eyes are my favorite part of pictures FOR SURE. I love them, and showing them off. after all, aren’t they said to be the windows to the soul? photography is about really capturing you.
I’ll finish off with a fantastic quote:
You miss 100% of the shots you never take- Wayne Gretzky
So go out and capture a perfect moment, life only happens once.
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