Hello! Sam again! I am going to take about some more senior portraits!

This Gorgeous girl has the most Beautiful eyes! They shine with the happiness of youth. this pictures catches you eye, but it always make you catch her eye! But really catching your eye is this one-

This one really shows off her beautiful eyes. I promise I really do like pictures with people smiling. I just happened to not to pick them for the last few!

This girl looks like she is living the dream in High school! Man! She looks happy as can be. That is super important when you are taking senior pictures is to capture the “glory days” high school only happens once. It is so important to get the important things like sports and hobbies.. and of course the “body” even if you aren’t a double zero model. most of the time, you have the best body when you are in high school! so capture that! get you and ever Gorgeous little detail! High school only happens once. so senior pictures are important to capture that!

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