Sam again. sick of me yet? well, here we go again, this time lets talk about a FAMILY! Oh, my goodness, families are so great because it is so easy to show personality for family pictures. you are just YOU.

I love the color, the kids, the wifes face. everything about this picture just screams “this is US” they look so natural and fun. I love the sets that Josie Beth puts together. she is the one that does the Newborn sets for Two Color Photography, and I will tell you what. she is INCREDIBLE. she is so fun and happy and these pictures are her to a T.
What do you have if you don’t have family?

I love this picture because they are being real. this is them. they are just being them cute selves. the little girls helping each and the way that mom can talk to the kids and interact with them. it just looks real. and it looks like them.

finish it off with the LEGIT family picture. this is serious(/they are all smiling) but it really is one that you can put on the wall and keep forever, it shows them and their personality but it is also classic and really adorable. I don’t know if a blog post is like an essay, but I figure I might as well practice my skills I learned in English class and end with a conclusion and say that family pictures are to show personality. So make them your own, not only as a photographer but as “models”. so The. End.

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