HELLO! So, its Sam. and I figure I should just say yes, i like all kinds of pictures. because today, we are going to chat about a cute bunch of kids. They are Adorable. So cute.

This is a little and big sister. in this picture it really captures the bond between the 2 of them. They are absolutely adorable. but besides that, this pictures brings out how much this little sister adores and looks up to her big sister. that isnt a face like, we are taking pictures, and I was told to look at her. that is a natural look like, I want to be doing whatever she is doing. These are my favorite pictures. the ones that are just them. being them. being together.

oh the beauty of childhood. this sweetheart is GORGEOUS. even at her young age she shows true beauty. through and through. this pictures shows it well. he beautiful blonde curls contrast with the vintage chair, which bring out her beautiful clear skin which makes her blue eyes pop. everything in this picture just goes together perfectly and shows off every good quality this girl has.

Siblings always have their moments. but when family pictures come along, you have to like each other, right? well, they aren’t faking it and if they are they are doing a really good job at it. look in the eyes and face of the big sister on the right. she really looks like she is enjoying this special moment with her siblings. and the cute little boy in the middle. how can you not like him?! look at those beautiful eyes this picture is just absolutely adorable! I love the way the focus is on the newest member of the family, But you can still look at and enjoy how adorable the big sisters are.

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