Photography with a purpose. (this is Sam again if you didn’t guess) Today I want to share a couple pictures that I feel like have a purpose more than anything.

don’t get me wrong, photography, you usually have a purpose, but here is the thing, when you have a baptism or a missionary or whatnot. then you have a purpose, you have props that you can use. with this picture, the girl is getting ready to head off on a mission. These pictures are her last hoo-rah before she leaves for 18 months. I love this picture because it has the scriptures right there, so you know she isn’t just a girl. then you see her gorgeous face in focus.

This picture is my favorite. We could mention that this is my big brother. that honestly has nothing to do with it though. this is an incredible picture. I love the way the Blue in his scriptures tie in with the blue in his Tie. They are great together. The fantastic red wall in the background pops. even though you can’t really see him in this picture, it doesn’t matter! there are 100 other pictures of him, and this picture probably isn’t going to end up by itself, it will probably end up next to one of the other pictures, so you will be able to tell that this is him. It really is a cool picture of the scriptures also.

I love the serenity of this picture. this sweet girl is getting baptized and you can see that in her beautiful white dress. (maybe just cause we are in Utah) I love the sweet sunlight in the back. The way that you see the temple in the background, but you can definitely tell what the subject is. I think that this picture emphasizes that she has a testimony and shows the strong faith in prayer that this little girl has. man. This picture really gets me. I love how natural she looks.

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