Sam again! The day that I have been looking forward to for almost 2 weeks! I couldn’t wait to blog about a session when I was there, got to see the editing, and the final product. A couple weeks ago I got to go along for a family session, it just happens that I know the family. They are soo cute! so without further adieu, The Peck kids!

Look at these cute kids! I love this picture because the kids really look happy! The hug pose is always fun because more than likely, the Kids love each other but they don’t like each other. When asked to hug it is usually an awkward kind of hug thing, not really sincere. In this case you see the way Tanner (the older boy) has his arm around his sweet big sister, and she is holding on to him as well. it is a sweet picture that don’t always work out as cute as this family is. The lighting behind this picture gives it an incredible back light that makes them just glow! The colors in this picture are bright and spring like, although believe it or not, it was actually cold during this session, the sun was shinning and it was chilly. not freezing. but surely not hot.

THE FAKE LAUGH. My favorite part about this picture is that Amber says alright, laugh and Carson the younger boy just breaks out in the horrendous fake laugh. which of course in turn made the rest of them really laugh. capturing the perfect moment. This picture is one of my favorites because of the way the sunlight is reflecting off the little stream.
INDIVIDUALS- I am going to pick one picture of each of the kids.

This is Tanner. He is a cute kid, but hasn’t quite mastered the photo smile thing, where you can’t quite get a real smile for a picture. this picture is adorable because Amber really captured the moment where his smile was cute and real!

Those eyes! it does not get better then the blue shirt and those eyes! holy Kamole! Amber captured the light perfectly! I love the sunlight just touching the back of his head!

The beauty of Miss Sydnee is captured in this picture. She looks sassy yet sweet. Mature yet Innocent. I love the green antique chair in the background. This picture just captures her at this sweet age perfectly.

Now this girl. I cannot even handle the beauty of this sweetheart. This picture. man. it gives me the chills. the colors in this picture are so bright and vibrant. her eyes pop next to her blue cardigan and the bright green grass. Her half smile shows her maturity but also how cute she is with her little dimples. I love it!
This was such a cute and fun family and I hope you all enjoy these pictures as much as I have!

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