Hello! It is Sam again, not that you are surprised! Today lets look at some weather pictures, and check out what weather works best and whatnot!

So obviously the Hardest in my opinion is snow. The people in the pictures always look freezing cold (unless they are really goo actors.) Honestly in this picture they look good! they look happy! coloring is hard. most people look at pictures and say the background is boring, or you need more color in the background. where you are going to take pictures is usually a big decision. because honestly the background is a big deal. In this picture, i actually like what it does with the snow around. It makes the people stand out. I personally don’t think that backgrounds are the most important thing, of course you aren’t going to go ahead and take them in front of a garbage can or anything. But people are THE most important part of the picture. so don’t get to caught up in the background you forget about the people.

SUMMER. Nothing says summer like a photo session on the beach. Kids. there are surely pros and cons to having kids on the beach. Yes, they will usually be happier and look happier on the beach if the have something to play with, BUT then you have the little kids all covered in the sand and probably getting wet from the lake or whatever. Use a blanket, or party it up with big kids that can rock the beach without eating sand.

Just another reason why I love the summer. The positions you can put people in are way more vast. During the winter you can’t really have someone lay on the snow or ice. (i guess you could. but you shouldn’t that’s mean.) This GORGEOUS Mallary got her pictures done last week. so it hadn’t just rained (it was about to) so you could do something like this, because the ground wasn’t wet or cold. That is just one of the many pros about summer time!

FALL. Look at those leaves! Those colors! This cute senior was already looking fly with her GORGEOUS pink dress. then you add in her smile and pretty dark eyes. just to top it off she looks like a model on this bridge with the gorgeous leaves all around her.

When all else fails. go inside. Not everyone has that opportunity. still, pictures of kids are rocking inside. probably just reschedule if it is older or a family. but rock the weather! don’t let the weather rock you!

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