Two Color Photography is Proud to Introduce
 Senior Reps for 2014-2015! 
Hey Everyone! I am not sure if I got the short straw, or the long straw, either way I get to start us off! My name is Samantha McClellan, I got this wonderful opportunity to be one of Two Color Photography’s Senior rep this year! This is totally perfect for me. Photography is my thing. I love taking pictures and looking at pictures. I also LOVE Amber and I know that she is an incredible photographer so I love to spread the word about her amazing pictures and get her some of my friends as her clients!
 I was told to write about myself and share sorta brag, and since I do what I am told- Here I go!
I am a junior this year at Box Elder High School, here in little Brigham City. I LOVE school, and people say that, but I really do mean it! I want to be a Nurse, or an endocrinologist. (most probably don’t know what that is- I will go into that in a bit) So my schedule this year was full of some hard, 

but very rewarding classes. My favorite class in school is Most definitely Medical Anatomy, I learned so much in that class, not to mention that the high school has THE best teacher, Mr. Burt to teach it. I ended that class with taking the state test which I got 95% on. All my hard work payed off. I am enrolled in some crazy classes next year as a senior, I am taking classes to become a CNA and I will graduate high school with most of my generals done with all my concurrent enrollment classes I will take. While we are on the subject of medical stuff, I am involved in HOSA, which is Health occupation sciences of America. This year I went to state competitions and got 4th place in Medical photography. Next year for HOSA I am our chapter President which is great opportunity for me.

     Other things that I am involved with in school are Student Government, I have done student government for the last 2 years, sophomore year I was the Sophomore President and last year I was the School photographer. We just had elections and I get to be the Photographer again this year which I am so excited for!
      I play on the Girls Tennis team and am the Team manager for the Boys team. I ran cross country and Track my sophomore year. 
           After high school I plan to attend a Phlebotomy school, and Then chill at UVU and get my generals done there then apply to SUU for their nursing program. After I am working as an RN, I would like to specialize in Endocrinology, which is the study of the endocrine system, thyroid and pancreas and all that Jazz! 

*I have Type one Diabetes, I have had it for 4 years now, and I walk for diabetes every fall to find a cure.

Top 10 things on my Bucket List are:

1- Visit all 50 states in the USA
2- Go Gigging 
3- Learn to Surf
4- Live in Australia
5- Learn to ski (check! learned this winter!!)
6- Kiss an orca
7- Live on the ocean
8- Probably get married… someday..
9- See a Broadway play
10- Use a phone booth in London
*One Word that describes me: JUBILANT.
* If I could meet anyone in the whole world. (he is dead) It would probably be Louis Pasteur. He was a pretty sweet chemist back in the 1800s. some of the things he did was come up with the Process of Pasteurisation; making milk safe to drink, Cure for rabies, Cure for anthrax, and His principles were used in developing vaccines for diseases such as typhus, diphtheria, cholera, yellow fever and different strains of plague. so he was pretty rad.
 Those are all the questions Amber has for me to answer! So thanks for spending all of this time to read about me! 

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