10 BIG, BIG, BIG Changes for Two Color Photography in 2014!!

As any healthy business should, I have taken the time to evaluate how 2013 went for my business.  I’ve looked at the positive and the negative and have reflected over the many amazing people I have met.  I have counted the blessings of having such loyal return clients who have worked their way into my heart and have become my own second family. 
This year Two Color Photography has photographed over 300 sessions, and sadly I have turned away dozens because my calendar has been booked so tight.  I truly wish it was possible to get each and every one of you behind my lens, but I am also a mother to 5 amazing children and a wife to one pretty patient and incredible husband.  I also strongly believe in giving time to my kids’ schools as well as my church and other worthwhile organizations.  There is just never enough time.
Two Color Photography has also started a pretty major studio construction project, added a new custom built computer that will more securely store your pictures as well as speed up my editing process  by more than double.  I’ve also purchased a new camera and two new lenses to add to my photography arsenal.  I am also continuously adding to my props, fabrics and backdrops to offer a wide variety of options for my clients in studio and out.  I’ve also had the benefit of working with some great interns who have helped with things like creating your custom videos, and running errands for me so that the “busy work” doesn’t cut into the time of serving my customers.
Two Color Photography continues to donate time and money to some fabulous organizations.  My favorite being “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep” an organization that provides photography to families suffering from infant loss.  I coordinate need at 4 different hospitals as well as oversee 6 different photographers in these areas.  I also put in some heart touching moments in these same hospitals – as well as filling in at 2 Ogden hospitals when needed – photographing some very amazing families on the worst days of their lives.  Each of these families have a permanent place in my heart and have touched my life forever.  If you would like to know how you can help with this organization, either with time or with monetary donations, please contact me and I will get you lined up!  I also donate to multiple schools for fundraisers as well as helping to judge different schools’ Reflections submissions.
All in all, it has been a pretty incredible year, and I look forward to the same growing success in 2014.  So to help continue this amazing growth, and to maybe allow the time needed to serve more clients, I have added some pretty great things to my business this year.  Rather than give you a chapter book of information, I am going to present one of these changes each day for 10 days.  This way I can give a more detailed description of what the changes mean to you!
Without further ado, I present:
New Year – New Me #1
Free Prints For All!!!!!
Did I get your attention?  EVERY SINGLE full price session photographed in 2014 will receive a FREE 11×14 print!

It’s pretty simple, book your session, be at your session, have a blast at your session, receive a free 11×14 print from your session!  Pretty fantastic, right?!
Small Print 🙂
Only 1 free print per session
Print must be from full price session that is paid in full
Not redeemable for cash

And because studies show pictures with posts get more views, here is a picture lol!

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